Our team of skilled engineers has a deep understanding of relevant safety regulations and industry standards related to emergency lighting, ensuring compliance and optimal performance.

Electrical design services

Design And Installation

We design emergency lighting systems that meet the necessary illumination levels and ensure appropriate coverage for escape routes, critical areas, and high-risk zones. Our team selects and installs suitable emergency luminaires, exit signs, and other components, taking into account factors such as battery backup, duration of operation, and testing requirements.

energy surveys

Testing and Compliance

We conduct thorough testing and inspection of emergency lighting systems to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and function reliably during emergencies. This includes periodic testing, battery performance assessments, and verification of emergency lighting functionality in accordance with relevant standards.

commercial electrical installations

Maintenance and Repairs

Our team provides ongoing maintenance services to keep emergency lighting systems in optimal condition. We offer regular inspections, cleaning, and necessary repairs or replacements to ensure that the system remains operational and ready for use at all times.

testing and inspection

Upgrades and Retrofitting

We assist clients in upgrading or retrofitting existing emergency lighting systems to enhance performance, energy efficiency, and compliance with evolving standards. We assess the current system, recommend improvements, and carry out the necessary modifications to ensure optimal functionality.

By entrusting PRH Engineering Solutions with your emergency lighting needs, you can have confidence in our ability to deliver reliable, compliant, and efficient solutions that prioritise safety and provide peace of mind.

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