Black Country Pallets provides a wide range of services. Being in the business of pallet recycling we supply and sell thousands of used pallets on a weekly basis.

We offer a tailored service to each of our customers, depending on pallet requirement.

We are highly competitive and environmentally friendly, recycling all of our unwanted, broken pallets, for used timber boards. Our green machine can disassemble all of our unwanted pallets back to their component parts.

We can then reuse the timber, to recondition other timber pallets. This service provides our customers with an excellent grade of pallet, saving them hundreds of pounds.


Our Pallet Collection Service

Wooden Pallets collected from your workplace.

Black Country Pallets can provide collection for surplus and unwanted timber pallets. We are always happy to assist and can even pay for pallets in re-usable condition.

Some key benefits of using out services include:

Ensures you meet all your legislative obligations

Reduce fire hazards inside & outside your workplace

Reduces health & safety risks to employees and yourself

Environmentally friendly

Receive payment promptly for your reusable pallets

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